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With Windows & Mac OS X clients, BIMcontact ™ can sync all files securely and automatically between the local computer and the BIMcontact ™ folders online. The clients allow the user to have their files available in their Explorer or Finder to work with them locally on the computer. The difference is that the files are also automatically synchronized up to the cloud. It also means that the user has their files available offline to work with them without being connected to the Internet, and then getting them synced automatically in the moment they are reconnected.

If the user does not want a particular folder / file to sync down to a local structure on the computer, they can easily turn off the synchronization for the selected information. Then that information will be accessible only through a web client or phone client.

Your files in the project are synchronized and available in your Explorer / Finder - also offline

Changes to file events and permissions change ensure that administrators can check the folders and files added and modified on the portal, as well as all the permissions made for files and folders.

The automatic version management ensures that the user always works on the latest version of the file, but that the earlier versions never disappear if the user needs to return to an earlier version.

Download and view previous versions

Here's how to upload files through Explorer / Finder

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