Why BIMcontact?

Because we have features that others lack, features that save you time and money!

There are many tools for storing files in the cloud, e.g. Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and Google Drive. The problem with these systems is that they are not optimized for the building and construction industry’s files and workflows.

Below are some of the features available in BIMcontact. If you are wondering about something or want to know more about BIMcontact, please feel free to call, email or fill in our contact form. With us, you get personal support!

View, review and comment on drawings and BIM models

BIMcontact allows you to view, review and comment on IFC files and DWG files directly in the browser without installing CAD programs. Look from different angles, rotate, zoom, highlight and hide different elements. You also get easy-to-read object information, e.g. area, height, width, volume for each element. This opens up opportunities for more effective collaboration, both within and outside the organization. All parties involved can quickly review and report errors/requests/suggestions directly in the original file, which can bring substantial time savings!

On the construction site, you can open a drawing in your tablet/mobile and check the information as well as make any notes.

View drawings and models for customers, partners, and consultants of a project and make all annotations in real time.

You do not need to export/print drawings and you will always have the latest version available. Good for your bank account and the environment!

Work as usual in your file explorer/finder, with automatic backup

Your files are stored locally in your computer’s file explorer/finder so that you and your employees can work in an environment you are used to. Open and save all files as fast as usual. When you save a file, it automatically syncs in the background without affecting the speed of your computer. In other words, you get an automatic backup of all your important files.

You never risk using the wrong version of a document (in the building industry it may cost a lot of money to use the wrong version of a document). BIMcontact is designed to handle large files that occur in the building and construction industry. With us, you will not have to wait for large files to be uploaded/downloaded, saving you many minutes of working time and concentration every day!

Work without internet connection on the train, flight or in the woods, without preparing in advance the files you need. All your files are already on your computer!

Smart categorization and filtering of files

In addition to folders, you can categorize your files using labels, e.g. enter "status" and "document type". Then you can then create "Smart Folders" in order to automatically list files based on different labels. Here are some examples of smart folders you can create:

  • Show all drawings that have not yet been approved.

  • View all quotations that have not been reviewed.

  • View all agreements that expire before a certain date.

Improve your processing management and save time every day by finding all your important files quickly!

Advanced file permission management

BIMcontact allows you to easily control who can access files and folders. You can specify permissions for workspace, group, role or user and you can control the right to read, edit, and share.

In addition to permissions, you can also lock files for editing, to prevent people from updating completed documents or to prevent others from editing the file at the same time as you. Should you forget to lock the file, version management is there for the rescue.

Even people who do not have BIMcontact installed can access files by email, without registration or any software being installed!

Version history and subscription

Not only you have access to all the latest files, but in BIMcontact all versions of documents are stored, which is good if you or someone else would accidentally save an incorrect version. Reviewing and copying/restoring an old version is super easy!

With BIMcontact, you can also check and follow all changes through the online Dashboard’s event log or by subscribing to changes to your email.

Selective synchronization

With BIMcontact you can easily choose which folders and files to sync with your local hard drive e.g. if you only want to save current projects to your computer to save disk space.

Platform independent

BIMcontact is available as a desktop application for both Windows and Mac, as an app for both Android and iOS, as well as a web interface for all modern browsers. We have built-in support for displaying over 200 file formats e.g. IFC, DWG, PDF and MS Office.

Use the device that suits you the best!

Take photos with your mobile and upload them easily with the app!

Easily revoke access to your account in case your device gets stolen!

Share files by email

Since all files are located locally on your computer, you have quick access to them to easily attach them in an email. If a file is too large to attach, you can share instead a link to that file in BIMcontact. This way you can send files up to 5 GB via email. The file does not need to occupy any space in your email client, just a downloadable link in the email.

By sharing links to your BIMcontact files, the recipient always sees the latest versions available even if you make changes to them after sharing!

Upload files by email

Each folder can have its own unique email address that you can send files to via an email. Within the organization, this feature can be used to connect a photocopier to a folder in BIMcontact or for smooth uploading of documents directly from your inbox e.g. verifications, orders, etc.

Outside the organization, this function can be used to automatically collect all quotes in a specific folder.

Activity history

Get an overview of all uploaded/changed/deleted files. A flexible tool for responsible people to see what's happening in a project and see who has done what.


With our API and Zapier integration, it is possible to connect BIMcontact with several hundred other systems and platforms.

Flexible subscription

We offer both project-based and user-based subscriptions. For user-based subscriptions you can use the connector that enables you to connect all your external contacts as subcontractors, consultants or customers for a fixed low price.

Multi-language support and passwords

The system language can be individually set by the user himself, and the system currently supports the languages Swedish, English, Norwegian, Danish, French, Italian, Polish and Chinese. The system is password protected and requires users to log in with username and password.

Not convinced yet?

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