Professional permission management

With today's state-of-the-art technology where information can easily be shared with a push of a button, and the requirement to easily collaborate is great, the question of keeping customer information is very relevant.

The unique concept of portal and workspaces provides the first level of security to keep the documents secure. A portal can be compared with an area dedicated to, for example, a particular company or project portfolio. Within the portal there can be a number of workspaces, where a workspace can be represented by a department within the organization, an area for a customer, a place for suppliers or resellers or a group within the department. Within each workspace there are folders and then the documents. Without being a member of the portal, no access to anything within the workspace or folder unless the permission is specifically set for the file to have public access.

Users are added to the portal by the portal administrator via the invitation. By accepting the invitation, the user gets access to the portal, but in order to access a workspace, the administrator in the portal or workspace must also add the user to the specific workspace.

Allocate different roles for users in a workspace

As the next security level, permissions can be set to folders as well as files. This means that members within a workspace can have different permissions for different folders. As the last step, different permissions can be set to single files, making it even safer.

By effectively utilizing access controls and rights, companies can ensure that customer documents are secure and that information can only be accessed by the right people.

To enable the creation of easy-to-use and flexible access control, the administrator in a workspace of BIMcontact also has the ability to create groups. Through the groups, the administrator can set the permissions that the grouping of users should have, all to enable a role-based privilege management (such as Builders, Architects, and Entrepreneurs). If it then adds new users to the workspace that will have the same set of permissions, adding these users as members of the group will be enough to get their right permissions right away.

Manage permissions on folders and / or files

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