Easy handling of workflow and metadata

BIMcontact allows you to manage metadata and create document flows based on your metadata. You can do this by:

  1. Put labels on files and folders.

  2. Create different views for listing files through smart folders that show files whose labels match the criteria set in the smart folder.

Through this, the user can easily categorize and organize their files. The smart folders act as virtual folders, and with proper labeling, files can be managed and organized automatically to a specified folder. For example, using the labeled "Reviewed", a list of all the reviewed files can be automatically generated in a smart folder with the label set as the filter criterion. This makes it possible to have simple workflows where documents labeled with special labels can be automatically presented to users in smart folders.

Apply labels to folders and files
Create a smart folder

BIMcontact supports four basic types of metadata through which you create the labels that you want to be able to be used on files in your portal. These basic types are:


For example, a label whose purpose is to keep a drawing status hot Drawing Status and have the selectable values Pre-Copy and Work Drawing.


For example, this type can be used to create a label where the user is allowed to enter the value, eg Comment


For numerical values, this type is good to use. An example of a label type number may be Drawing Number


By using this type, metadata that is date-related can be captured. An example here may be a label called Expiration Date that could be used to keep track of agreements expiring.

Label Definition

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