View and comment on drawings and models

View, review and comment on drawings and 3D models from all devices, without installed CAD applications. Review the latest version on the site and show drawings and models for customers, partners and consultants. Easy-to-understand information about dimensions and other information, allows you to easier detect errors.

Costly paper drawings can easily be replaced with a tablet. BIMcontact ™ allows you to view, review and comment on IFC files and DWG files directly in the browser without installed CAD programs. Check out different angles, rotate, zoom, light and quench different elements. You also get easy-to-read object information, for example. Area, height, width, volume around each element. This opens up opportunities for more effective collaboration both inside and outside the organization. The fact that all parties involved can quickly review and report errors / requests / suggestions directly to the source file, saves the team a lot of time. You do not need to export / print drawings and you will always have the latest version available. Good for your bank account and the environment.


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