Unique email features

To make file management even easier, the BIMcontact ™ user can add files to a particular workspace or folder on the portal by sending the files by email. The unique and highly secure email links, specific to the user and folder, can be retrieved from the web interface in BIMcontact ™. Thus, for example, the user can set up e-mail contacts in his mail program with addresses to different folders to quickly and easily send / forward mail with attachments that you want to store in the system. When you retrieve the e-mail address of the folder, you can also choose whether you want the e-mail to be saved as a separate file.

Each folder has a personal e-mail address to which your attachments can be sent and the message itself can also be saved if desired
Send your e-mail, e.g. a quote, to the desired folder in BIMcontact
If both the e-mail and attachments are sent to BIMcontact, they are stored in a folder named with a time stamp

Users can also quickly share a link with external people who are not members of the portal. The access level for the link can be set to a) anyone who has access to the link, b) portal members or c) only the file owner. This provides additional control over what is shared and to whom.

To share the link, you can either send it directly from within the tool to any recipient, or you can copy the link to send it via your usual email application.

Here's how to upload files by email

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