BIMcontact is a cloud based document management solution for all types of projects and organizations, complete with automated document flow, cloud storage, Desktop Drive app for local sync, a mobile app and a unique IFC–viewer on the web.

Features – store, manage, view, automate and communicate.

Document Management

BIMcontact is a modern document management tool with an easy to understand interface. Suitable for all projects and organisations.

IFC-viewer / BIM and CAD

The BIM-model and drawings can be viewed directly in BIMcontact without any extra programs. You only need a web browser.


BIMcontact offers a very high security both regarding the information management and the storage.

Desktop Drive

Syncronize your local files with the cloud, for offline work and easier file management of large files with the addition of the BIMcontact Desktop Drive.

Flexible Business Models

Different business models give you the opportunity to choose the best one for your business.


Multi language, scalable, access, communication etc.

Mobile Apps

BIMcontact Mobile includes functions for collaboration, document management and storage.