Cloud storage for the building and construction industry

BIMcontact is a cloud-based file management solution that digitizesand streamlines building projects. Work as usual in your file explorer/finder, with automatic backup Replace paper drawings with a mobile/tablet Advanced file permission management

Built-in support for IFC and DWG files

View, review and comment on drawings and 3D models from all devices, without installingCAD applications. Review the latest version on the construction site and show drawings and modelsto customers, partners and consultants. Easy information about dimensions, etc.allows you to detect errors easier. Costly paper drawings can easily be replaced by a tablet!

Project-based permissions management

Attribute different permissions to files and folders,e.g. workspace, role, group or user. Even people outsideBIMcontact can access files by email, without anyregistration or software being installed!

Work as usual, but safer

Work in your file explorer/finder as fast as usual. All files syncsilently and automatically in the background with version history.You get a fast and secure backup, ideal for big files!

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